Servomat s.n.c. trades coffee since 1965.

This experience helped us give life to a product that is unique for its type, one that only a company with such deep-rooted faith in its work can engineer.

Our primary objective in creating the “Gocce d’Espressione” brand was to research and select the most prestigious varieties of coffee to develop an exclusive line of Italian-made espresso.

We also moved from the assumption that Italian-style espresso coffee is one of the many artistic forms of expression that make our country so rich.

To emphasize this concept and to strengthen the bond of continuity with our cultural roots, we chose to associate our coffee blends with the names of famous Italian artists of the past. We were inspired by the concept of “artistic expression” applied to coffee and, in particular, to its constant quality over time, guaranteed by an harmonious blend of varieties that makes any variation in the harvest almost imperceptible.

Furthermore, our blends undergo a series of meticulous mechanical and electronic checks before and after roasting, to prevent defects in the final product.

Our quest for excellence in both the taste and quality of coffee has allowed us over the years to explore the most diverse and sought-after aspects of this sophisticated sector. Today, in our online shop we offer our customers an incredible variety of products that centre on the world of coffee.

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